Workers' Compensation Insurance in Florida

Workers' compensation insurance was the first insurance program established in the United States, with at least one state passing a workers' compensation law in 1902. Before it became the norm, any employee that got injured, sick, or disabled on the job had to take legal action against his or her employer to recoup money spent on medical bills, let alone lost wages.

An employee injured while working.

Much has changed since that time. Now, more than ever, employers realize the value of providing employees with reliable workers' compensation insurance that is an affordable and effective way to protect both their business and their employees.

Quote Commercial Insurance assists you in finding the right workers' compensation plan for your Florida-based business. Our team of professionals will guide you on the right path, furthering our efforts to make insurance simple. We also offer commercial liability, commercial auto and commercial property policies.

Equitable Insurance Benefits for Your Associates

Quote Commercial seeks to protect your employees with fair and comprehensive workers' compensation insurance benefits that can aid them in case of workplace injury or illness. The compensation benefits may include:

  • Income benefits – To pay for a portion of an employee's lost earnings.
  • Medical benefits – To pay for the treatment of work-related injury or disease.
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits – To pay for an injured employee's physical rehabilitation or training for a new job.
  • Death benefits – To provide the family of an employee killed on the job with a portion of the employee's lost wages.
  • Burial benefits – To pay for a portion of an employee's funeral expenses.

Quote Commercial Offers Expert Advice on the Workers Compensation System

Workers' compensation in the United States is largely regulated by individual states and territories. Because we work with employers in all states, our representatives at Quote Commerical are familiar with the workers' compensation insurance laws in Florida. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 844-792-6700. Our representatives will help you delve into the details and advise you as to how you can instill the most equitable policies for your associates.